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Kevin Hart won an award at the People’s choice telecast and he thanked all his co-stars ‘except The Rock’ for Best Comedic Actor – for the second time. The Rock, with big smile on his face, responded to the joke by flipping Kevin the middle finger. They both starred in the hi

President Obama’s final presidential poll at CNN/ORC gives him his second highest approval rating since his first days in office in 2009. The President will be ending his storied and historical tenure with a whopping 60%, according to their research. Only two other Presidents will have a higher fi

How much money will Hidden Figures end up grossing at the Box office? So far the film about three pioneering scientists at NASA in it’s early years has grossed more than $65 million US. Is $120 to $150 million  possible? That would be an insane final gross range for a film that only cost $25 mill

Kylie Bunbury’ s Pitch started off it’s debut season with some respectable ratings but  has since slipped – somewhat – in audience viewership. Now some are questioning the show’s future, especially since Fox hasn’t committed to ordering more episodes. The show is

Gene Cernan was the last human being to walk on the surface of the moon and now the Apollo era astronaut is gone. He was 82 years old. Along with Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – Cernan was regarded as one of the original heroes and pioneers of America’s space program.