Tiffany Haddish from the Carmichael Show is Our Model of the Day

Tiffany Sarac Haddish is multi-talented; she is a comedian, actress, and dancer. The Carmichael Show star is not quite a household name, yet. Tiffany is primarily known for her character (Nekeisha) on the hit NBC half hour series The Carmichael Show, where she is the sassy sister...

From Africa to America

Top 5 Biggest Black Films of 2012

2012 has so far seen the fierce comeback of black cinema in Hollywood even without mega stars like Will Smith. Indeed, the biggest films so far have been devoid of big name black t...

Claudia Jordon

If love a woman with the face of an angel, the body of a Goddess and a girl that’ll spout some nasty trash talk. look no further than ms. Claudia....

News & Trends

Lanisha Cole

To those who were a fan of deal or no deal but couldn’t figure out why? Well it could have been because of Lanisha Cole....

Halle Berry

She’s of course the dream most adult males dream when at nights and hope when they wake up she’ll be there....

Hottest Black Models on the Planet!!

These are some of planet Earth's most gorgeous creatures. Some of their faces are familiar to those read traditional mags like Elle or People, but th...

Black billionaires & millionaires

Culture movers & shapers

  • Ursula Burns Leading Xerox Boldly to the Future

    Ursula Burns was ranked the 20th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes Magazine for their 100 Most Powerful Women annual list; Fortune magazine placed her at 9th in their annual 50 Most Powerful Women list.  In July, 2009, Ursula was appointed CEO and chairman of the fortune 500 h

  • Ralph Giles Sits in the Driver’s Seat at Chrysler.

    A kid with a dream can change the world. How many times have our parents push this simple idea into our heads, Ralph Gilles listened; if he didn’t, Chrysler would have gone belly up long ago. Sure President Obama and the Democrats threw Chrysler a very needed lifeline. Still, before the

  • Meet Patrice Motsepe, South Africa’s Mining Titan

    Patrice Motsepe has steadily amassed a truly huge fortune by sheer determination, hard work and some luck.  Mr. Motsepe is a beacon in South Africa, though he will not court that distinction, fact is, a multi-billionaire hailing from Soweto just is.  A lawyer by training, he became the f

  • All Hail Nyjah Huston, Sports World’s Newest Star

    It’s summertime 2010, you’re at the Street Pro Finals of the Maloof Money Cup in Orange County, California. The skating skills of these young cats are beyond reproach, one after the other they display pure talent.  Then after few of the top skaters finish their routines, when one migh

  • Charles E. Phillips, About Work His Magic at Infor.

    Don’t let the handsome gentile exterior fool you, beneath his facade of cool calmness is an intensely driven man. He’s one of the best paid corporate titans, in fact ranking #15 in America, according to Fortune Magazine: earning an estimated $30.1 million US salary in 2009. Charles E.

  • Paula Patton Will Star in Two Huge Movies in 2011.

    Do you remember the bar scene in Will Smith’s 2005 mega blockbuster film, Hitch? In the scene, Will Smith’s character (Alex Hitch) uses some slick lines on a beautiful woman surrounded by a pack of dudes? Of course Hitch gets her attention, but we never see that girl throughout the