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Sex Has a New Symbol: Antonia Thomas

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Antonia Thomas makes my heart skip a couple beats when i’m watching the English tease onscreen. Antonia is the daughter of a Jamaican mother and an Englishman, David Thomas – classical bass singer.

Antonia gained worldwide fame as a pivotal cast member of the hit British tv show, Misfits; currently in its 4th season. She worked on the show for 3 seasons, and a standout in every episode.

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The show has since replace every single original cast members, a terrible mistake; since then ratings have slipped somewhat. Antonia had a legendary scene stealing moment in season 1 that set the net on fire, performing simulated fellatio on a banana.

Antonia Thomas
Sinfully attractive British beauty warms the cockles of my heart.
Antonia starred as Alisha Daniels

Her fire cracker turn as Alisha Daniels in Misfits, put the beautiful Thomas on our radars. Antonia was a student at England’s, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, pursuing a BA in Acting.

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antonia thomas

All this hotness in one package is hard to handle and she damn near burn holes in my telly. Her deep penetrating stare can probably make water boil – courtesy of those sexy light brown eyes she posses.

Still a young actress, the British bombshell has a great body of work on her resume. She starred in the English series, Homefront, as an army wife, and her 2013 schedule is packed with at least three films.

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Sex symbols don’t come with more sizzle than this English lady and to think her career is just beginning. Your television may need some kind filter to calm her radiant beauty next time she’s on – beware.