The Mystery Child That Saved Michael Jackson’s Life Before Thriller

Who was the young man that saved Michael Jackson
Who was the young man that saved Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, a name synonymous with groundbreaking music and performances, has given the world numerous unforgettable moments. But there’s one moment, less known yet equally dramatic, that could have altered the course of music history. This was before the era of Thriller, the album that would become a global phenomenon.

Follow along as we re-examine a lesser known moment about the King of Pop’s life that even hardcore fans know nothing of.

The Unforgettable Incident (Your car’s on fire!)

Billie Jean and the rest of the Thriller album may not have happened, if not for an unknown hero.

In his autobiography, Moonwalk, Jackson recounts a harrowing experience that happened during a break in a recording session. While he was deeply engrossed in composing the iconic song Billie Jean, a potential disaster loomed unbeknownst to him.

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Jackson partially composed the amazing hit single while driving! This amazing feat aslo nearly cost him and his passenger their lives.

  • The Setting: Jackson was driving on the Ventura Freeway, with his mind wrapped around the lyrics of Billie Jean.
  • The Alert: As they were exiting the freeway, a young boy on a bicycle, seemingly out of nowhere, alerted them: “Stop your car! Your car, it’s on fire!”

Upon exiting the vehicle, Jackson and his passenger, Nelson Hayes, witnessed smoke emanating from underneath the car. This timely intervention by the young boy averted what could have been a serious accident.

Who was the mysterious Savior (the young man that changed history and saved a King)?

  • The Young Hero: The identity of this young boy remains a mystery. After ensuring their safety, he disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • The Impact: His intervention not only saved Jackson’s life but also preserved what was to come in the world of music.
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What If?

Let’s ponder for a moment. What if this young child had not intervened? The trajectory of music history might have been starkly different.

  1. No Thriller: Considered the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller redefined music and music videos.
  2. No Succession of Hits: Albums like Bad, HIStory, and Invincible might never have graced our ears.
  3. A Different Evolution of Music Videos: The innovative storytelling and production in Jackson’s videos transformed the music video industry.
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This incident, a footnote in the grand narrative of Michael Jackson’s life, underscores the fragility of fate and how a single act can ripple through history. The young boy on the bicycle, whoever he was, played an unwitting yet crucial role in the making of a legend.


Michael Jackson’s journey to becoming the King of Pop is filled with such serendipitous moments. While we may never uncover the identity of the young child who saved him that day, his action reminds us of the unpredictable nature of life and the unseen heroes who shape our world.