Will Mondrich from Bridgeton Really Existed

Brigerton Will Mondrich
Brigerton | Netflix

Bridgeton is Netflix’s second biggest original series ever, only behind the company’s other phenomenon, Squid Games. The Shonda Rhimes creation is a massive fan favourite – going into a season 3 premier perhaps this year.

Even though fans and critics both adored the period piece drama (Season One got 87% on Rottentomatoes); it has faced blistering critiques for its historical inaccuracies (as if jane Eyre and other were historically correct).

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We do know that some characters were loosely based on real figures from history and the rumours that followed them. One such character that existed for real was the boxer, Will Mondrich. His name is an anagram of Bill Richmond’s (5 Aug., 1763 – 28 Dec., 1829), a prolific British boxer from the late 1700’s.

This man should get his own film. If they can make Sully with Tom Hanks – a movie about a plane landing (ditching). Seriously that whole debacle unfolded in 20 minutes, or less – yet they made a hour and half flick, from that.

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Who was Bill Richmond

Bill Richmond (5 Aug., 1763 – 28 Dec., 1829) was a Black British boxer who lived in the late 1700s. Born a slave in America, Richmond was brought to England as a young boy and worked as a boxer and a blacksmith.

He is best known for his boxing career, which included numerous bouts against some of the top fighters of his day. He won several championships, and became a successful coach and mentor to other boxers.

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Throughout his life, Richmond was a passionate advocate for the rights of African Americans, and he is remembered to this day as one of the earliest fighters to challenge racial barriers in the sport.