Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What is Greysaber?

Answer. Greysaber is a website that chronicles the endeavours of people’s of African descent in business, entertainment, technology, sports, politics, etc.

Question. Is there a need for Greysaber?

Answer. There are people who are curious who the richest black men or women are. We give you info such as that and more.

Question. Who are you’re audience?

Answer. Anyone who is seeking news on black personalties that the mainstream media neglects or doesn’t care about.

Question. How often is the site updated?

Answer. Frankly Greysaber is always in a state of flux and we don’t have many contributors. We try to update whenever relevant info comes to us.

Question. What is the tone of the website?

Answer. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but our stories are important so we deliver them in a digestible light and sometimes funny style.

Question. Are trying to change the world?

Answer. Yes, one pair of eyes at a time.

Question. Who are the subjects of your stories?

Answer.  We try to keep the light on newer younger and hipper individuals driving trends and conversations.