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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Black billionaire of the day: Patrice Motsepe

Patrice Motsepe with his wife PreciousNetworth: $2.66 Billion US Marital Status: Married (Precious Motsepe) Company: African Rainbow Minerals Ltd. Country of Citizenship: South AfricaPatrice Motsepe wealth’s increasing despite the global economic downturn of 2008-2009. South Africa’s richest black man was not totally unaffected though; he was forced to halt investments into his home village that was promised years earlier. Some citizens of Mmakau, outside Pretoria, have accused

In pictures: young model, Chanel Iman

Age: 22 Ethnicity: black and one third Korean Channel Iman is like a living breathing sculptured goddess. The American runway hottie is very in demand these days. Channel has her schedule filled with various business and philanthropic items. The model is a staunch President Obama Supporter. She campaigned with Actress, Vivica A. Fox and (mega hot model) Liya Kebede. Start your day with these delicious

Quentin Tarantino passed on Will Smith for Django

Quentin Tarantino considered Will Smith for the lead role in Django Unchained. Obviously he made the right choice by giving the choice part to Jamie Foxx instead. Tarantino’s brave pick of Jamie must have been difficult to explain to his movie’s investors. Logically, Smith should have been a shoe for the part. He‘s a two time academy award nominee and has incredible name recognition to

Wealthy black people should invest in black movies

Scene from the 2012 Oscar nominated movie Beast of the Southern wild. Black millionaires and billionaires should invest more aggressively into minority movies. Getting funds for socially conscious, independent films, featuring people from the black diasporas is phenomenally hard. Hollywood studios have no problems investing in comedies or dramas with major stars like Eddie Murphy or Denzel Washington. In the meantime, other wonderful film ideas

Quvenzhané Walli’s could make history again

movies/2013/02/24/quvenzhané-wallis-could-make-history-again Only four other black women have won an Oscar Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Octavia Davis and Gone With the Wind’s, Hattie McDaniel. Quvenzhané Walli is an in demand young actress now. If she wins an award tonight at the Oscars, Walli will be youngest actress in it’s to history to win. At 9 years old, she’d be the youngest ever. The Oscar’s first telecast was

Every body needs their own Debt Ceiling

If the richest country in history can have Debt ceiling; then shouldn’t the rest of us? We all know the infamous Debt ceiling fight in the US was very contentious; and everyone came away from the battle bloodied. The Debt ceiling, as it pertains to US economy, is an imposed borrowing limit, based on the ratio between revenue and debt. America had revenues of $14.5

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