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The Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) has been on a tear through the boxoffice over the past few years. Will Smith may have to look over the his shoulders soon because Dwayne may soon take his mantle of the biggest movie star on the planet. Journey 2 is a monster hit across the planet thus far raking in

2012 has so far seen the fierce comeback of black cinema in Hollywood even without mega stars like Will Smith. Indeed, the biggest films so far have been devoid of big name black talents the likes of Will Smith or Sam Jackson with the exception of Denzel Washington. The Hollywood movie business itse

If love a woman with the face of an angel, the body of a Goddess and a girl that’ll spout some nasty trash talk. look no further than ms. Claudia.

To those who were a fan of deal or no deal but couldn’t figure out why? Well it could have been because of Lanisha Cole.

She’s of course the dream most adult males dream when at nights and hope when they wake up she’ll be there.