The three female black billionaires

First there was one, Oprah Winfrey. For a long time the only female, black billionaire in the whole world. More precisely, Lady O was actually one of the first acknowledged black billionaires alive. Today, the brilliant Ms Winfrey is America’s only black billionaire. A shameful proof of the country’s lingering baggage it’s long abolished black slavery (this is the country with 13% black unemployment versus

Forbes Magazine disrespects Angolan billionaire

The world’s newest billionaire gets no love from Forbes magazine. In an article titled, “Isabel Dos Santos, Daughter Of Angola’s President, Is Africa’s First Woman Billionaire” – Forbes formally introduced us to, Isabel Dos Santos from Angola. Forbes, the foremost authority on wealth, albeit personal or commercial – thoroughly vetted Santos in their story. The writer, Kerry A. Dolan gave detailed accounts of Santos’ public

Hottest billionaire in the world

Isabel Dos Santos is the sexiest billionaire in the world. Let’s face it, most billionaires look like the nerd king, Bill Gates. Then there’s President Obama’s friend, the totally unsexy, hairy, Warren Buffet. When the world got its first look at a – true – pretty billionaire, we all rejoiced. It is possible; becoming a self made gazzillionaire, while being drop dead gorgeous. A sexable