Billionaire Oprah and Tyler Perry Joining Forces

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Oprah tyler

Self made billionaires Oprah Winfrey and entertainment mogul Tyler Perry are joining forces, in creativity and business. The two friends and creative geniuses will be working closely at Oprah’s Own Entertainment.

Since launching Own – only the second consequential television network created by an African American – she’s experienced many growing pains.

Oprah herself has stated many times that she’d underestimated the true hard work it took to create t.v. network.

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Things started relatively good, ratings wise, and then came the inevitable viewership slide. Expectations were built up terribly high even for her.

In response the media queen became more visible the network’s shows and behind the scenes. A few high ranking staff were let go, new shows got green lighted and ratings went up.

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Oprah knows to truly compete with the mega television studios she’d more creative and hard working people like herself.

Tyler has had great success in movies, with the Madea persona and Why did I get married films. In television he’s been just as stellar at TBS with shows like Meet the Browns and House of Payne.

Their new partnership will bring forth new shows for the channel – maybe he’ll even some input on other Own properties. Tyler may bring a more diverse audience with him.

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The incredible busy Perry of course won’t just setup shop at Own, he’s still thoroughly involved with his own movie studio. Then there a potentially lucrative film franchise in the Alex Cross character made famous by Morgan Freeman.

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