Rapper, actress, model and sometimes drunk driver. Eve may have burst on the scene as a “pitbull in a dress” – as she called herself in songs – but she is all woman now. Too bad Eve doesn’t date broke men, so most of will have to make due with her videos or movies.


Meagan Good

Surely when God made Good he took a break, look back at his work and said, “that was a good one”. Meagan is apart of a club of an exclusive club of women in Hollywood, so beautiful, no one takes them serious (Gabrielle Union is the president of the club).


Idris Elba

The hot British export has been mashing up Hollywood for a while now, gaining notoriety and respect in tv and films. In the 2012 film Prometheus, his character blatantly ask Charlize Theron’s, if she wanted to “f$%k” – we didn’t see the act itself, but Theron appeared somewhat happier in the rest of the film ;-).

Will Smith

Even in the movie Hitch where his character suffered an allergic reaction that swells his lips, Smith’s puckers beckons us. The father of three, is arguably Hollywood’s biggest actor, his love scenes are too scant. But it’s in films like Hitch or Hancock when he kisses his lead actress his pretty lips calls us.

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