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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy may just be too beautiful for regular mortals. Don’t expect him to chase Hollywood tales either, especially since he’s now married. Halle Berry was his most famous love interest, we can see why, the eyes, the lips and talent, oh my.


Rapper, actress, model and sometimes drunk driver. Eve may have burst on the scene as a “pitbull in a dress” – as she called herself in songs – but she is all woman now. Too bad Eve doesn’t date broke men, so most of will have to make due with her videos or movies.

Meagan Good

Surely when God made Good he took a break, look back at his work and said, “that was a good one”. Meagan is apart of a club of an exclusive club of women in Hollywood, so beautiful, no one takes them serious (Gabrielle Union is the president of the club).

LL Cool J

Music pioneer LL Cool J has been licking his peachy lips in music videos since the 80’s. They still look as good today, more than 20 years later, and his muscles too. Maybe not as relevant musically now, the rapper/actor now drive his fans wild on tv in, NCIS.

Gabrielle Union

It is hard to believe a 40 year old woman can look as good as Union does. Scientists should examine her genes cause my eye shed tears when she’s on film. Nothing Gabrielle utters matter, not when the words come from such delicious pair of lips. Dwade – you lucky SOB.

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