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Why is America’s Richest Black Man Invisible?

robert f smith1
robert f smith1

Robert F. Smith is the richest black man in America; he is the richest black person in the United States period. Mr. Smith is ranked #141 on Forbes magazine’s 2021 list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. The publication went further by rating him the 451th richest person alive in 2021. Smith is a business man and the founder, Chairman, and CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners

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Mr. Smith has a personal net worth of just over $6.5 billion USD dollars, which is far greater than the next richest black American, Oprah Winfrey. Why Is Robert F. Smith so unknown by the average person? Why isn’t his singular achievement celebrated or highlighted in the US or worldwide media, as say a Tiger Woods, Jay Z, Sean Combs etc.?

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If you google Robert Smith in you’ll see more images and articles on the lead singer of the 80’s rock band The Cure than the equally deserving of praise business man.