Rapper Drake Spent $70,000 at Strip Club, Brilliant

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Toronto rapper, Drake spent $70,000 dollars at a strip club and whole net went crazy. Call him crass, misogynistic or flagrant, then after you’ve vented your displeasure – call him genius.

Allegedly the Young Money rapper was at the club with his entourage – who accompanied him with more than $70k, in one dollar bills. On cue they started throwing cash at the dancers, ‘they made it rain in  the club’.

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On the face of it all, Drake might come off looking like a dope but think about what a $70,000 advertisement campaign buys you in print or television. $70,000 may get you a thirty second spot television, maybe.  Or probably a of couple lines in the New York Post’s ad section.

The rapper has a new album dropping soon (he’s already released a hot single for it, Started from the bottom) and word of mouth is free. Who wants to throw away $70k in this economy (no matter how rich he is)?

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If a person can start an internet meme on the cheap and it goes viral without lifting a hand – that ladies and gentlemen is brilliance. Besides making rain in the strip club is nothing new or edgy anymore; Miley Cyrus was photographed grabbing strippers bottoms. Rihanna too is a frequent patron of strip clubs.

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Lil Wayne is probably the one that started this trend of throwing away significant dollars in strip clubs. It didn’t hurt his album sales either, the last one sold like 9 million worldwide.

There are cellphone cameras everywhere; Drake didn’t need an expensive camera crew. His stunt went viral on the cheap, good on OVO (October’s Very Own).