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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Why Beyonce is richer than you

Beyonce Knowles-Carter is the wife of hip hop’s most prolific entertainer and the eldest of her once manager father, Mathew. She is wealthy beyond the average person’s dreams and the singer/actress will only keep increasing her net worth at a phenomenal pace. Beyoncé’s net worth is somewhere between $350- $400 million, most of which she accrued in about 7 years. She earned $40 million in

Halle Berry gets the last laugh, at haters

Halle Berry gets the last laugh over the weekend when her movie The Call (co-starring Morris Chestnut and Abigail Breslin) beat virtually all expectations. Even Forbes magazine was flagrantly putting her down before the movie was even released. Forbes magazine’s writer Dorothy Pomerantz wrote a critical article (Why Can’t Halle Berry Catch A Break?) on the Oscar winning actress’ ability to draw audiences at the

Potus wallstreet’s best frenemy

With two long, drawn out wars, that he vowed to end and a domestic economy in pits GDP, dropping every quarter, everybody told him to concentrate solely on the economy and put aside his other ambitions. America up that time in history had reigned unchallenged as the world’s only mega super power. Then came the developing nations of China and India roaring out of left

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