Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna together?

Is Formula One’s bad boy and pop music royalty Rihanna an item? Well neither is saying for sure, they maybe just friends brought together over their shared Caribbean ancestry. Rihanna the Barbadian native and Lewis whose father is a Grenadian citzen. Now there’s gossip he’s moved on with Rihanna, 27, they were spotted on holiday in Barbados at the same time.

Dem Chuck Schumer slams Obama’s Iran deal

Chuck Schumer, a leading Democrat in the US senate yesterday dealt a blow to President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. The Senator, who’s Jewish, was previously assumed to be a supporter of the deal, but from his website today voiced his displeasure and his intent to vote against it. The President still has some major support for his latest and perhaps most important foreign policy effort

Dignified Beauty

Sometimes a picture’s just a picture. Sometimes they speak volumes. The picture above is the photo of a beautiful lady in a market in Juba, South Sudan. The photo appeared as part of a story on the New York Times’ website in an article titled, South Sudan’s Fourth Anniversary Offers Little to Celebrate . The story chronicles the countries perils since being formed from a

Hannibal Buress wants to why Tiger Woods suck

Hannibal Buress is asking the question on everybody’s mind, Why is Tiger Woods sucking so badly now? Ok, not in those exact words but the sentiment was the same. On his Comedy Central show, Why, with Hannibal Buress, the comedian went to the streets. The streets in particular here is the notorious Crenshaw Boulevard, South Central L.A. (immortalized in a thousand rap songs). Watch the