Is the New Macbook Air, the Best Apple Laptop Ever?

Apple’s new Macbook Air goes on sale now and is sure to be a massive hit but according to it’s the best notebook money can buy.

According to the Cnn money

It says a lot that the 2010 revamp of Apple’s ultra-thin laptop was the lynchpin that single-handedly forced Intel (INTCFortune 500) to create the specifications for rival PC ultrabooks in 2011. Three years later, it’s still the gold standard for laptop hardware — and CNNMoney’s Best in Tech for the Apple laptop category.


It also easily provides users with an entire workday’s worth of power before having to recharge. Coders, gamers, and creative professionals will likely need more from their machines, but for the rest of us, the MacBook Air is plenty of machine. Apple’s higher end MacBook Pro laptops are objectively more powerful. But for most people, the added benefits of the MacBook Pro simply don’t justify the considerable extra cost over the MacBook Air, which starts at $999.

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