Tiger and Charlie: Is This a New Woods Dynasty?


Father son pairing Tiger and Charlie Woods participated in the just concluded PNC Championship. The pair didn’t win the over all tournament, that honor went to team Singh (Vijay Singh and his son Qass Singh).

Tiger and Charlie teamed up again at PNC tournament

Tiger Woods looked great all tourney, it was as if this man wasn’t in a very serious accident only a few years ago. And Charlie Woods, this kid is surely a chip off the block, with same poise and quiet demeanor of the legend himself.

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Who knows what the future holds for the senior woods, he’s still not fully back competitive form yet. But after recent history with the golfing master, who could have predicted such a stunning comeback, thus far.

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It’s not like Tiger Woods needs the money either, he currently has a net worth north of $1.10 billion USD. That makes him and Lebron James ($1 billion USD) the two richest currently active and competitive athletes today.