Potus Comes Out Swinging in State of the Union 2012

obama 59


President Obama delivered his most rousing state of the union speech yet, the 3rd such, in what is now a much storied administration. Most of his ardent watchers have always been worried that the administration doesn’t trumpet their successes more.


Well the commander in chief himself took to the trumpet and delivered perhaps one of the most thorough assessments of his administration. He rightfully touted his remarkable foreign policy successes, the killing of Bin Laden, the cost effective war in Libya, Sanctions on the still defiant Iran.

He didn’t shy away from his toughest fight though, that of the economy. Here he made the case of the good – but not great jobs recovery. Uber high unemployment among the youngest was also on the President‘s mind.

President Obama knows that as good as some of his initiatives may, or may not have been over the past three years, what really matters most to Americans is the economy. To this end he reiterated some familiar fixes and some new ideas to further mend the nation’s job recovery.

He reaffirmed his commitment to ‘green jobs’, but most surprisingly he flaunted his credentials on further developing his nation’s vast deposits of natural and shale gas. Obama, also stated his commitment to use part of the money used to spend on the now defunct war in Iraq – half of the yearly $560 billion dollars – on infrastructure repairs to roads, schools, etc.

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