The US Republicants Slowed Job Hiring in October.


The private payroll processor ADP forecast 130,000 new private sector jobs were created in October the lowest in 6 months. Now many are pointing fingers at the Republicans and its depraved henchman Sen. Ted Cruz as the primary cause of the slow job growth.

According to the Cnn money

“Private sector employers added just 130,000 jobs in October — their lowest level of job growth since April, according to a report by payroll processor ADP. The pace of hiring has been slowing since June, but the government shutdown earlier this month appears to be a main reason for the sluggish hiring this month.

“The government shutdown and debt limit brinksmanship hurt the already softening job market in October,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, in a statement. Moody’s works with ADP (ADP, Fortune 500) to compile the report. …”

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