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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halle Berry

Halle Berry should be on every list every made – be it for hottest actress ever or the most talented sexy actresses. The woman made one of the best Bond films ever, enough said. And she is still drop gorgeous while pushing 50 – believe it or not.


D’angelo hasn’t released any new music in years but the camera shy crooner always open our eyes in his video. Who can forget his 2000 video for the song, Untitled (How Does It Feel), check it out on youtube. You’ll be licking the screen when he’s licking his lips.

Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is a member of American music royalty, the Jacksons. She’s been a star since the 70’s and continues to dazzle us with her beautiful body and talents. Usually photographed smiling, Janet, (Ms Jackson if you’re nasty) is an ageless sexy icon.

Sexiest lips of all time

At Greysaber, we know, not all lips where created equal. The folks on our list, posses some of history’s most delicious kissers. If Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships – a war waged in her name – then our ladies and gents could inspire the same. It is funny how full lips are all the rage now, but only a decade ago, you were

There is a method to Rihanna’s madness

Rihanna refuses to conform. Her rebellious nature must draw some James Dean comparison, but could also be her undoing. She’s willing – no compelled – to push the limits of acceptable norms. No other star so skillfully, flaunts their sexuality, independence or personal life quiet openly as she does. As open as Riri may appear, the star somehow maintains alluring air of mystery about her. She

Stock market increased 120% under Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the 3rd best performing president for Wallstreet – in history. He best both president Bushes and Reagan. In fact the first African American president out shone all republican presidents. Digging into the data shows a man who lead his country through its second worst financial collapse with foresight and strength. He did all this while being characterized as an enemy to businesses

Is Will Smith afraid of failing?

The biggest movie star in the world is getting ready to dominate the boxoffice again. Tom Cruise can’t take his slot and the king will rise again in 2013; the fresh prince is back. Will Smith released blockbuster after blockbuster every year starting in 1996 with Independence Day. Every summer Smith would drop a film, every single one bigger than the next. Seven pounds broke

Django Unchained to be Tarantino’s biggest film

Django Unchained is breaking all kinds of records. Since the film’s release in December, it’s grossed $152 million in North America and $321 million internationally. Jamie Foxx in a scene from Django Unchained. The movie is now Quentin Tarantino’s highest grossing film in North America, ahead of Inglorious Bastards. In the next few days, Django will be Tarantino’s biggest film period, when it surpasses Inglorious’

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