The taxman is watching your Facebook profile


In a 2011 documentary on US financial news channel, CNBC, IRS agents admitted to snooping US citizens’ Facebook pages. The CNBC piece was on tax cheats – a group that’s increased by some 40% since 2008.

Facebook alone now have more than one billion registered users on its site. That’s one sixth of all human beings putting their lives inside a single company’s machines!

With so many people willing to share their daily lives with friends, families and essentially the world – governments are taking notice. China routinely uses social media to track its citizens, of course the US government pioneered this Cyber snooping.

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No one knows how many people the IRS monitors online but some say the number’s increasing. I cash starved economies the world over, tax revenue, is the needed for more than ever.

Police, employers and spouses have been using social media as a tool for spying for years so now. This time we gotta watch out for the taxman.

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