Pres. Barack Obama Ranked the Most Powerful Human

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President Barrack Obama is the most powerful human being on Earth, according to Forbes magazine. The publication’s authors, who are usually critical of the president’s policies, released their annual list Wednesday. China’s communist leader Hu  Jintao, who was ranked number #1 last year is demoted to three on the list behind Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin.

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The magazine cites the fact that America still has world’s most massive economy – GDP 14.5 trillion – and surely the deadliest military might. The Commander in Chief has wielded a heavy and influential stick around the world since taking office.

Under his watch the world has seen the eradication of Muammar Gaddafi, Osama Bin Laden and a huge swathe of Al-Qaeda’s top henchmen along with the toppling of tyrants from Egypt to Tunisia. All while arm wrestling his GOP opponents back home.

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