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When Stars Collide, Mariah Vs. Minaj

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Everyone else probably saw this coming, but the bosses at Fox’s American Idol. Apparently Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey viscously verbally sparred at a North Carolina stop in the show’s taping.

The two divas apparently never got along since they were paired with show’s veteran judge Randy Jackson and country star Keith Urban.

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It was in fact Jackson, sources said, tried to quell the   escalating quarrel telling both ladies to ‘calm down’. Tmz has obtained blurry video of a part of the incident – in it Minaj can be heard loudly admonishing Mariah.

During the tet a tet, Minaj loudly complains of ongoing taunts and teases from Mariah. And Carey who’s got a reputation of being difficult was slamming back at Minaj.

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Of course this all may a ploy to get more viewers to a show that’s seeing drop in ratings, albeit not enough to knock it from top slots.