Rihanna’s Gunning for Justin Beiber’s Youtube Crown

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After body slamming Lady Gaga for the top most viewed female artist on youtube, Rihanna has Justin Bieber in her scopes. Rihanna is the undisputed queen of the video digital realm and her powers are growing, rapidly.

All hail the queen

sexy Rihanna with red hairIn January 2012, the most talked about issue on youtube was the battle for top female views getter. The reigning champ at the time was Lady Gaga – with close 1.9 billion views.

Gaga reaching the 2 billion views before any other female artist was all but inevitable. A young Barbadian princess had plans for the crown too.

Rihanna’s drawing power proved too strong for Gaga. A new queen was crowned around January, 23, 2012. The digital realm embraced the umbrella hitmaker enthusiastically.

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A new war is declared

Rihanna with Justin Bieber

After decisively leaving Gaga (2.3 billion views as of oct/2012) in the dust Rihanna, now comfortable at 2.75 billion views (oct/20102), is aiming for Bieber. The new 2012/2013 battle in digital plain is between a Canadian mega star and a Barbadian goddess.

This is a fanboy’s wet dream if there ever was one. After being crowned top most viewed female artists on youtube, many   assumed the queen would rest on her throne. After all she’s busy with her burgeoning acting career, right?

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the beautiful RihannaRihanna has dropped the Gaunlet right in front of the king, Justin Bieber. On youtube, Justin has a colossal 2.9 billions views (oct/20102).

World’s biggest popstarrs matures

A difference of 150 millon hits would be daunting for most other top music acts to muster, Riri aint sweatin it. Her 2011 album, Talk that talk has spawned hit after hit and there’s a rumoured 2012 record on its way.


Justin on the other hand’s got a hot album in 2012’s, Believe. Even though he’s got two solid hits from the record (Boyfriend and As long as you love me), hits wise, his album’s trailing Rihanna’s.

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Who’ll win?

The battle for 3 billion youtube views will be won by the artist with the most videos and diversity in his/her catalog – Rihanna wins here hands down. While the Biebs is growing into a more mature artist, Riri reached this plateau in her career before him – advantage, Rihanna.

Justin’s no slouch though, and while his career has probably ebbed somewhat, he’s got some awesome fire power with such a huge fan base. If he can drop another tune like his debut song, Baby, Baby – which has garnered an eye popping 785 million views alone … pack yo bags Rihanna.

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