Quincy Jones Suing the Michael Jackson Estate for $10 Million in Royalties

Legendary music producer, Quincy Jones is suing the Michael Jackson estate for back royalties he claimed were unscrupulously kept from him, since the singer death. Much of these royalties, Jones argues, was made from material he co-wrote and produced on Michael’s earlier albums such as Thriller and Bad.

According to the E! news

“..The 80-year-old music legend, who coproduced Michael Jackson‘s biggest albums, including Thriller, has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the late pop icon’s estate, alleging that “clandestine arrangements” put in place have served to cheat him out of royalties he’s due for his contributions to Jackson’s earlier work.

Per court documents obtained by E! News, Jones claims that the recordings he worked on have been edited and remixed in a way to deprive him of his deserved cut from projects like the This Is It soundtrack and the two current Cirque du Soleil shows that utilize Jackson’s music. “

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