Hollywood Hurting Steve Harvey’s, Think Like a Man.

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With the hit movie Think like a man almost within range of the magical $100 million dollar milestone, is Hollywood intentionally slowing its momentum? The film, thus far has grossed a very impressive $88 million but after this May 25-27 weekend it will have a hard time reaching the $100 million figure.

A movie grossing north of $100 million at the boxoffice seems like nothing nowadays, but consider the total budget for the film was a paltry $12 million US.

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It was further populated with low name recognition stars and a laughably scant advertising campaign with just days before its release. Yet the little film that could went on to overwhelm other more amply financed films.

Now comes news from the website – an industry authority – that the theatre count has been slashed by a whopping 65%. With new films entering the market it was expected to lose some cinemas, albeit at a moderate pace given the fact of how well the movie has performed.

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What is theater count?

Theater Count is the total number of individual screens showing a film, Think like a man was showing in 1722 cinemas as recently as May 18-21 weekened. This week that number was drastically cut to 736, the $100 million plateau is still possible but made more difficult to reach now.

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We at Greysaber isn’t implying an implicit plot to undermine this bright light of a film but the move by theatre owners is very perplexing at best

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