• Columbus Short – 30 (Cadillac Records, The Loosers)

    Short turned in an Oscar worthy performance in 2008’s Cadillac Records as blues legend Little Walter, opposite heavy weight Jeffrey Wright. Ever since he&

  • Lance Gross – 31 (Meet the Browns, Marriage Counsel

    Lance is on the edge of stardom, with a mentor and boss like Tyler Perry he is in company. With smoldering good looks Gross will and hot name in La La land he 2

  • Tristan Wilds – 23 (Red Tails, 90210, The Wire)

    The fresh faced Wilds, turned a star making turn in this year’s George Lucas blockbuster film, Red Tails. He is a castmate on the famous zip code 90210, b

  • Hollywood’s Hot New Male Actors

    Hollywood’s top male leads are aging but a new crop of heartthrobs are aiming to represent the new generation. Some of these faces maybe familiar but othe

  • Pam Grier – 63

    A screen goddes since the 70's, Pam Grier has defined and taylored what a tough no non sense taking heroine should be like. A stunner like non before

  • Angela Bassett – 54

    Angela Bassett, the queen, she's still blazing up movie screens. A consumate and accomplished actress, she's played the Hollywood film game to per

  • Lynn Whitfield – 59

    By any comparison or measure Lynn Whitfield, must be considered one of the silver screens finest beauties. At 59 most young starlets would hurt someb

  • Phylicia Rashad – 63

    This multi-talent lady entertained us on the Cosby Show in the 80's and 90's with her perenial costar Bill Cosby. She's seen a rebirth in her

  • Sexiest Black Actresses Over 40.

    This list dedicated to the beautiful women over 40 in movies and on the stage. They may not be gracing the screens as much as we want them to but in the hearts

  • Honorable Mention – Red Tails ($50 Million, North A

    Red Tails has done what few have predicted – made gwap, made money, ($50 million, so far only in North America).  It now ranks as the highest grossing wo

  • Chronicle – ($106 Million Worldwide, so Far)

    Chronicle is a mega, surprise hit. No expected the low budget $12 million flick to do much at the boffice, especially with a cast of relative unknowns. One of i

  • Safe House ($162 Million Worldwide, so Far)

    Safe house is now poised to become the Denzel biggest film followed by American Gangster. So far the film has grossed $162 million worldwide, Denzel is apart of

  • The Help – ($207 Million Worldwide)

    The Help  is a massive success financially and critically ($207 million Gross). It is the first film in history where the lead and supporting female casts memb

  • The Intouchables – $260 Million

    Not many in North America’s heard of a little French film called The intouchables  ($260 million worldwide gross) but that hasn’t stopped the movie

  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – $250 Million.

    The Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) has been on a tear through the boxoffice over the past few years. Will Smith may have to look over the his shoulders soon beca

  • Top 5 Biggest Black Films of 2012

    2012 has so far seen the fierce comeback of black cinema in Hollywood even without mega stars like Will Smith. Indeed, the biggest films so far have been devoid

  • The Historic Red Tails, a Big Hit at the Boxoffice

      Red Tails blazed up the North American boxoffice this weekend. A huge win for black cinema and for its producer, film pioneer, George Lucas. It’s hard