Rwanda is an African Modern Miracle

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Rwanda is the modern miracle of our times no one in the western Press seems to notice or care to mention. Most people in the West still view the country as a failed state that was forever destroyed by it’s brutal civil war during the 1990’s. Since that sad period, not many non-native press members have really tried to change that stereotype.

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Then the Rwandans all by themselves came together to miraculously change their fates and take their destinies into their own hands. So dear reader, if you can try to put aside the Don Cheadle Hollywood movie and behold the new Rwanda, forget Wakanda – this place is real.

The transformation of Rwanda

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People in Kigali, Rwanda enjoying a fireworks show

Rwanda is a country located in Central Africa. For years, it has been plagued by violence and poverty. However, Rwanda is now transforming into a better country. The Rwanda government is taking steps to improve the country’s infrastructure and economic situation.

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In addition, Rwanda is becoming more welcoming to foreign investment and tourists. Rwanda’s transformation is evident in its capital city of Kigali. Kigali is now a modern, vibrant city with a growing economy. It is also home to many new hotels and restaurants.

Rwanda’s transformation is an inspiring success story, and it offers hope for other countries in Africa that are struggling with violence and poverty. Rwanda’s example shows that it is possible for a country to turn itself around and create a better future for its people.

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