Our model of the day is actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson

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Cynthia Addai-Robinson is an English-born actress. She is primarily recognized for her roles in the Starz network’s Spartacus and as DC Comics’ character Amanda Waller in The CW TV series the Arrow.  Cynthia Addai-Robinson also lit the movie screens on fire with Ben Affleck in the hit film, The accountant as the character, Marybeth Medina.

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President Barack Obama final job ratings skyrockets to 60%

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President Obama’s final presidential poll at CNN/ORC gives him his second highest approval rating since his first days in office in 2009. The President will be ending his storied and historical tenure with a whopping 60%, according to their research. Only two other Presidents will have a higher final job approval ratings than Obama; Clinton and Reagan. They ended the tenures with 66% and 68%

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How massive will Hidden Figures’ final box office tally be?

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How much money will Hidden Figures end up grossing at the Box office? So far the film about three pioneering scientists at NASA in it’s early years has grossed more than $65 million US. Is $120 to $150 million  possible? That would be an insane final gross range for a film that only cost $25 million to produce. Some websites are putting the movie’s final

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