Is Kylie Bunbury’s critically acclaimed Fox series Pitch coming back for season 2?

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Kylie Bunbury’ s Pitch started off it’s debut season with some respectable ratings but ┬áhas since slipped – somewhat – in audience viewership. Now some are questioning the show’s future, especially since Fox hasn’t committed to ordering more episodes. The show is a major hit with the critics, it has 93% ratings on Rotten tomatoes and 8.2/10 on The audience the show has retained

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Last Man To Walk On The Moon Gene Cernan Died today

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Gene Cernan was the last human being to walk on the surface of the moon and now the Apollo era astronaut is gone. He was 82 years old. Along with┬áNeil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – Cernan was regarded as one of the original heroes and pioneers of America’s space program. There is real resurgence in the history and nostalgia for the

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