Tiffany Haddish from the Carmichael Show is our model of the day

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Tiffany Sarac Haddish is multi-talented; she is a comedian, actress, and dancer. The Carmichael Show star is not quite a household name, yet. Tiffany is primarily known for her character (Nekeisha) on the hit NBC half hour series The Carmichael Show, where she is the sassy sister in law to Jerrod Carmichael. The screen brightens that much more when she enters each frame of a

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Donald Trump has the worst pre-inauguration approval in history

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President-elect Donald Trump now has the dubious distinction of having one the worst pre-inauguration approval ratings from the American people; ever! This according to the well respected pollsters at Gallup. In fact in their poll of diverse sample of people before Donald’s inauguration found that he gets a dismal 55% unfavorable rating versus 40% favorable. Is Donald Trump the worst President-elect ever? In contrast, then

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Taraji P. Henson is about to be an assassin

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It’s Taraji P. Henson’s world, we just live in it. The talented actress will follow up her blockbuster Hidden Figures with a new movie where she’ll be playing an assassin for hire. The Empire star is set to star in new film called Proud Mary,  production wil begin in April in Boston, Mass. According to – “John Stewart Newman and Christian Swegal wrote the

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These two men are richer than 11 million Canadians, combined.

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Canada being apart of the G8 (Group of 8 major industrialized countries) means the country and its population of 35 million should be amongst the world’s wealthiest. How is it possible then that only 2 individuals are richer than the bottom 30% of this rich nation’s population. Yes, these two men – David Thomson (Net worth $28 billion) and Galen Weston Sr. (Net worth $9 billion)

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Who is Rob Schneider? Check Adam Sandler’s coattails.

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So many people have shown their true colors since the election of Donald Drumpf it’s now hard to keep up. Jim Brown, Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Martin Luther King Jr.’s son and the list goes on. Now add a 90’s hack of a comedian – the term comedian is used very loosely here since this guy’s been bombing down cinemas for years – Rob Schneider. Where has

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