Hollywood’s Hot New Male Actors

Hollywood’s top male leads are aging but a new crop of heartthrobs are aiming to represent the new generation. Some of these faces maybe familiar but others are perched on …

Halle Berry – 46

Some would argue, and with much merit, that ms. Berry is the most beautiful creature on planet Earth. It is difficulot to accept she's pushing 50, at 46 Halle can easily get film roles for actressess still in the twenties. An Oscar winner, a mother, and a tough ass kicker at that.

Pam Grier – 63

A screen goddes since the 70's, Pam Grier has defined and taylored what a tough no non sense taking heroine should be like. A stunner like non before or after Pam has stayed relevant when most of her peers have either retired or faded away.

Angela Bassett – 54

Angela Bassett, the queen, she's still blazing up movie screens. A consumate and accomplished actress, she's played the Hollywood film game to perfection and 54 she's showing no signs of slowing either.

Lynn Whitfield – 59

By any comparison or measure Lynn Whitfield, must be considered one of the silver screens finest beauties. At 59 most young starlets would hurt somebody to look this good. With her distinctive and reassuring voice she's charmed viewers for decades wether it be in recent Tyler Perry joint or her past film works.

Phylicia Rashad – 63

This multi-talent lady entertained us on the Cosby Show in the 80's and 90's with her perenial costar Bill Cosby. She's seen a rebirth in her career after the hit Sean Combs produced play, "A raisin in the Sun". At 63 years young she'll continue to enthrall us for some time come.

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Claudia Jordon

If love a woman with the face of an angel, the body of a Goddess and a girl that’ll spout some nasty trash talk. look no further than ms. Claudia.

Lanisha Cole

To those who were a fan of deal or no deal but couldn’t figure out why? Well it could have been because of Lanisha Cole.

Halle Berry

She’s of course the dream most adult males dream when at nights and hope when they wake up she’ll be there.

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