Tiger Woods falls to #21 in world golf ranking

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Tiger Woods is the best golfer of the last half century. Currently though because his otherworldly skills have waned since his knee injury two years ago, Tiger’s played in less tournaments. Since turning pro in 1997 Tiger’s kept a grueling schedule that had him playing major after major. Tiger is only a few major wins off the the all time PGA winner Jack Nicklaus. Many

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England’s son Lewis Hamilton, win German Grand Prix

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2008 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is back in top form today because of his incredible victory at the German Grand Prix. It’s been a trying year for England’s mega sports star. He’d picked reprimand after reprimand a few times this year for on track behavior – warranted or not. Then came the overblown hysteria in May, when he wryly joked that it is because of

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Chrysler’s top gun, Ralph Giles talk up 2013 Viper.

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Chrysler’s head of design, CEO of it’s motorsports division, ┬áRalph Gilles revealed some details about the Dodge Viper 2013 iteration. The 2013 model which will retail for about $95,000 – $100,000, is finally going to be equipped with amongst other things, cup holders and cruise control. Some car traditionalists aren’t too thrilled about these two particular additional features but for the rest of the Viper’s

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