Apple’s App Store Reaches $40 Billion Downloads


Apple recently announced an incredible milestone, more 40 billion downloads from their app store. It seems like only yesterday when the corporation had launched its other platform, iTunes.

iTunes of course revolutionized music downloads at a time when illegal downloads ran rampant on the net. Steve Jobs, Apple’s departed oracle, forced the music industry to adopt his service.

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The App store has done the same for the still mobile software sector. Even though competitors, Google’s app market, are far behind they’re racing to catch up.

According to apple ..

Apple® today announced that customers have downloaded over 40 billion apps*, with nearly 20 billion in 2012 alone. The App Store℠ has over 500 million active accounts and had a record-breaking December with over two billion downloads during the month. Apple’s incredible developer community has created over 775,000 apps for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® users worldwide, and developers have been paid over seven billion dollars by Apple.

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