Will Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard Get Along?

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It remains to be seen what energy Dwight Howard will bring to the still mighty L.A. Lakers or how is new teammates can incorporate him in their midst. Kobe is still the top dude on the court and he won’t relinquish that title to anyone.

On the face of things this matchup may seem like a clash of titans, which in a way, it is. These are two seasoned vets of the NBA, they should and will  check their egoes. No team can win a championship with just one hot player, Dwight learnt this from his 8 years with Orlando Magic.

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Dwight’s a loyal team player

In the 2011 season, Howard’s put up some impressive stats on the boad and yet, Orlando couldn’t even win their division. That was the 4th year in a row dealing with their inability to seal the deal.

Ok, it took time. Kobe’s finally a team player

In his early career starts everyone knows Kobe was a hothead player – famously fueding with his own players on and off court. With the passage of time he’s learn’t to play well his team mates and thus far the Lakers have won an impressive 5 championships with him.

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History is with Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard can recognize a winning formula when he sees one. Lebron James famously struggled to give the Cleveland Cavs a shot at a championship title. When this proved fruitless he wisely jumped ship.

However, unlike Dwayne Wade who subordinated himself to Lebron james, don’t expect even a slight give with Kobe Bryant. Instead, this will have to be a relationship of equals.

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