Can Sloane Stephens Ever be Greater Than Serena Williams?


Tennis star Sloane Stephens is currently ranked #12 in the world but the young woman is rising fast. She has a career win this year totaling $1.45 million US coupled with a career prize take of $2,091,000.

Many are now wondering if she has what it takes to even match yet alone surpass tennis Goddess Serena Williams. Will she inherit the throne that Williams currently occupy.

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Serena is the number 1 ranked female tennis player in the world. Many will even argue the greatest tennis player of all time. The stats speak for themselves and they are very impressive like the statuesque beauty.

Williams has career prize winnings of $51 million and this year alone she’s won $9.9 million while being plagued by injuries and setbacks. An unbelievable 627 lifetime wins with only 127 losses, in 2013 winning 73 but lost only 4.

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The age gap between the two women seems meaningless when one thinks of the pure ferocity that Williams plays with. But If one wonders, Serena is 32 on the other hand at only 20 years old Sloane is playing as great as any new player can even fathom.

And a new rivalry is born.

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