Warren Buffett approves of Obamacare

Warren Buffett the third richest man on Earth supports Health reform in America and particularly the so called, “Obamacare” act championed by President Obama. The Billionaire acknowledged the rollout of the President Signature accomplishment thus far of his Presidency was not impressive. Buffett who’s long-term thinking has helped him amassed an incredible fortune says that in time the critics will appreciate the significance of the

President Obama’s approval ratings inches up

President Obama’s job approval ratings are slight improving, according to Gallup polling organization. Right after his second term began the President daily approval ratings hovered above 55% . It went as low as 40 percent recently but now tracks about 45%. To put this in perspective President Clinton at the same point in his presidency was clocking a 58% job approval rating. Of Clinton didn’t

Barney’s racial profilling allegations puts partner, Jay-z in moral dilemma

Rapper Jay-z is being urged to pull out of business dealings with luxury retail chain, Barneys New York. This comes after two separate incidences involving black customers who accused the chain of blatant racial profiling. Jay-z is taking a very cautious tone in the blow up, that’s mainly come to light because of a online petition on petition.org by one of the alleged victims According

Quincy Jones suing the Michael Jackson estate for $10 million in royalties

Legendary music producer, Quincy Jones is suing the Michael Jackson estate for back royalties he claimed were unscrupulously kept from him, since the singer death. Much of these royalties, Jones argues, was made from material he co-wrote and produced on Michael’s earlier albums such as Thriller and Bad. According to the E! news… “..The 80-year-old music legend, who coproduced Michael Jackson‘s biggest albums, including Thriller, has