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It’s summertime 2010, you’re at the Street Pro Finals of the Maloof Money Cup in Orange County, California. The skating skills of these young cats are beyond reproach, one after the other they display pure talent.  Then after few of the top skaters finish their routines, when one might believe

Don’t let the handsome gentile exterior fool you, beneath his facade of cool calmness is an intensely driven man. He’s one of the best paid corporate titans, in fact ranking #15 in America, according to Fortune Magazine: earning an estimated $30.1 million US salary in 2009. Charles E. Phillips J

Do you remember the bar scene in Will Smith’s 2005 mega blockbuster film, Hitch.In the scene, he (Will Smith) uses some slick lines pick this beautiful woman? Of course he did get her interest, but we never see that girl throughout the rest of the movie. You may have left the cinema, asking yourse