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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Top 5 biggest black films of 2012

2012 has so far seen the fierce comeback of black cinema in Hollywood even without mega stars like Will Smith. Indeed, the biggest films so far have been devoid of big name black talents the likes of Will Smith or Sam Jackson with the exception of Denzel Washington. The Hollywood movie business itself has been quiet healthy, so far; film revenue is up some 15%

Potus comes out swinging in State of the Union 2012

President Obama delivered his most rousing state of the union speech yet, the 3rd such, in what is now a much storied administration. Most of his ardent watchers have always been worried that the administration doesn’t trumpet their successes more.Well the commander in chief himself took to the trumpet and delivered perhaps one of the most thorough assessments of his administration. He rightfully touted his

Pres. Barack Obama ranked the most powerful human

President Barrack Obama is the most powerful human being on Earth, according to Forbes magazine. The publication’s authors, who are usually critical of the president’s policies, released their annual list Wednesday. China’s communist leader Hu  Jintao, who was ranked number #1 last year is demoted to three on the list behind Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin. The magazine cites the fact that America still has

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