Potus comes out swinging in State of the Union 2012

President Obama delivered his most rousing state of the union speech yet, the 3rd such, in what is now a much storied administration. Most of his ardent watchers have always been worried that the administration doesn’t trumpet their successes more.Well the commander in chief himself took to the trumpet and delivered perhaps one of the most thorough assessments of his administration. He rightfully touted his

Pres. Barack Obama ranked the most powerful human

President Barrack Obama is the most powerful human being on Earth, according to Forbes magazine. The publication’s authors, who are usually critical of the president’s policies, released their annual list Wednesday. China’s communist leader Hu  Jintao, who was ranked number #1 last year is demoted to three on the list behind Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin. The magazine cites the fact that America still has


Chrysler’s top gun, Ralph Giles talk up 2013 Viper.

Chrysler’s head of design, CEO of it’s motorsports division,  Ralph Gilles revealed some details about the Dodge Viper 2013 iteration. The 2013 model which will retail for about $95,000 – $100,000, is finally going to be equipped with amongst other things, cup holders and cruise control. Some car traditionalists aren’t too thrilled about these two particular additional features but for the rest of the Viper’s


Lizz Wright is bringing jazz to a younger audience

You don’t need to see Lizz Wright’s face to know she’s a beautiful woman. Her vocal range is one part Norah Jones and two helpings of Cassandra Wilson. Just one verse into any of the sultry jazz chanteuses’ songs and you’re hooked. A Google search of her name returns nearly 400,000 hits. She’s usually attired in African inspired, knee length dresses. Her hair’s cut low in


Denzel Washington, still hollywood’s most bankable

There aren’t many sure bets in the business of movies, one of a few actors that comes closest, is Denzel Washington. Hiring him on a film will bring international notoriety and almost certainly critical praises when a film’s released in theatres.In Tom Hank’s Oscar acceptance speech for the film, Philadelphia– in which Denzel played a homophobic lawyer – he praised his costar and said he’d

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