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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Evan Ross – 24 (Atl, Mooz-lum)

The baby faced actor Evan Olav Naess, took his famous lastname for his professional persona in hollywood – He is the son of music legend Diana Ross. Evan burst on the scene with the Will Smith produced Atl. Ross is a bright light on independent ┬ámovie scene turning scene stealing role after role.

Halle Berry – 46

Some would argue, and with much merit, that ms. Berry is the most beautiful creature on planet Earth. It is difficulot to accept she's pushing 50, at 46 Halle can easily get film roles for actressess still in the twenties. An Oscar winner, a mother, and a tough ass kicker at that.

Pam Grier – 63

A screen goddes since the 70's, Pam Grier has defined and taylored what a tough no non sense taking heroine should be like. A stunner like non before or after Pam has stayed relevant when most of her peers have either retired or faded away.

Lynn Whitfield – 59

By any comparison or measure Lynn Whitfield, must be considered one of the silver screens finest beauties. At 59 most young starlets would hurt somebody to look this good. With her distinctive and reassuring voice she's charmed viewers for decades wether it be in recent Tyler Perry joint or her past film works.

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