meet youngest Oscars nominee ever, Quvenzhané Walli


Quvenzhané Wallis

Quvenzhané Walli, is now the youngest person to be nominated for an Oscar. She joins keisha castle-hughes nominated at 13 for wale rider, Jodie Foster, Anna Paquin, and Abigail Breslin all young nominees.

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Quvenzhané Walli is the young star of the low budget film, Beast of the Souther Wild. The film’s received a total of four Oscar nominations, including Best director and movie.

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Beast of the Southern wild has picked up a total of 4 oscars nom this year

The film originally cost $1.8 million to produce and thus far has made $12 million. Its young leading lady is busy now; she’ll follow Beast with an upcoming flick with Brad Pitt and Paul Giamotti.